Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN)

A protest by Amrai Pari against Sexual Harassment in Narsingdi

On 2 June, 2022 Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protidh Jot and 13 national, international, and local women’s organizations and platforms jointly arranged a human chain against the sexual harassment occurred with a university student inNarsingdi Railway. Shortly, On 18 May, 2022 a girl from Dhaka went to Narsingdiwith her two friends to roam around the city. The next day when she waited for the return train, she faced a derogatory remark pertaining to her attire and dress. Then a mob attacked and assaulted the girl and her friends.

During the human chain, the speakers said that there is a kind of fundamentalist consciousness behind this increasing sexual harassment against women and a special group is spreading this consciousness to hamper women’s’ mobility.

While the human chain was running, a women tried to assault the participants. This serial motive was indicated as a conspiracy by the platforms where women were used as weapon to assault women.

After the Human chain, the group met with DC and Police Super of Narsingdi and provided a memorandum to raise 4 demands.
  1. All those involved in the Narsingdi railway station incident should be immediately brought to justice and punished so that this incident does not happen again in the future.
  2. Exemplary punishment should be provided against those who harass women in public transport.
  3. Identify the evil forces that obstruct the movement of women and show strict attitude against them.
  4. Work to raise awareness about gender-sensitive behavior among the general public




Date: 2 June, 2022

Places: Narsingdi Rail Gate, Narsingdi DC Office and Police Super Office