Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN)


At a glance of Strengthened Civil Society Protects and Promotes Women’s Rights (SCSPPWR)

project activities in 2019 at Pabna and Sirajgonj

Discussion on harasses map at Aysha fazlar school in Sirajgonj

1. Discussion on harasses map at Aysha fazlar school in Sirajgonj

This year Student forum Organized 168 meetings at school level, Total participant were attended : 4876 (female-2443, male-2433).  Student forum also organized 187 awareness sessions at student level in their school, total participant were attended 8319 (Female 4715, Male 3604).This year 32 no. of SMC meetings were held where Total participant were attended : 604(female-120, male-484).

2. Training on Policy Advocacy and Gender Equality at district level:

During the reporting period according the annual plan has been implemented 2 batch Training on Policy Advocacy and Gender Equality at district level which were held on Pabna & Sirajgonj District. Total participant was 40 persons (fem-15, male-25). Participants are attended from sub district and  district alliance. Now participants are more awarded and sensitised on women rights and violence against women. They realised discrimination between man and women created by the society and for the real development of the society, we cannot but to remove it . Change of this situation is possible if they take initiative to work collectively to reduce discriminations. 

Place: Dipshikha, Nimgachi, Sirajgonj

3. Joint workshops

Joint workshops of LAs and CS alliances at district levels:

The objective of joint workshop is   Up alliance and local government capacitate partnership building for implementation women rights. The Issues on human rights and women rights upazila alliance organised no of 04 joint workshops and 3 district joint workshop with local authorities at upazila and district level. Participants were DC, UNO, local authorities, government officials at upazila level, social worker, journalist and human rights defenders. The work shop content was human and Women rights. The every work shop has been taken action plan which are agreed by all participants.

Organised: District Nagorik JOT, Pabna

In this workshop CSO participants and Public Authority jointly take initiatives to remove child marriage in their community, establish women wrights, organized awareness session into the marriage register, Imam, parents etc . Public Authority takes initiative to insure participation on the community people to their yearly budget and they also declaration the budget in the open forum. They also provide different information who takes information which is available with them. UNO taken initiative to their different department help and provide support to the community people whose are known or collects information.

4. Quiz on VAW, DV & RTI

Student forum facilitate and organized 08 Quiz competition on VAW, DV and RTI according their annual plan. They firstly make a plan to arrange Quiz in their monthly meeting , then discussed the facts with teacher and SMC. According their plan, they announced it in their assembly, and they selected 10 students each is school to help their teacher. Selected person studied on the topic VAW, DV and RTI. We Can staffs and alliances member coordinated two school. On that day, the Union and Upazila Chairman, Upazila Education officer were Present there to inspire students. Learning with happiness makes students and others aware about the issue based knowledge.

5. Couple Meeting

Place: Deshigrame Union Parishod, Tarash, Sirajgonj

As per our annual plan, we organized 16 couple meetings in this year where total participants were 673(fem-333,male-340).The couples were invited from CSOs and communities. It was a new experience for them in case of some of the couples, this was the first time they went out together highlighted their conjugal rights.

In the meetings  where they learnt about the gender equality and women rights in practical household life. They shared their feelings and committed their selves to make a violence free family where women get their basic rights of giving opinions and express their feelings freely. They also make commitments to spread the thoughts around the society that  they had learnt about the laws and concepts of equality from the meetings.The total environment was amiable.

6. Spouse Fair

According to our annual plan , we organized 2 Spouse Fair in two district Pabna & Sirajgong. The total participants were about 2500. Among them 200 hundred couple were present there.The Upazila Chairman, UNO, UWO, Education Officer, CSO members , UP and District alliance members ,journalists,  community Peoples  were spontaneously participated  in the fair.

Though this concept is new for all , so all of them take very interest in the fair and give full attention . Through different games , we aware them about the gender equality and women rights issues, the common discriminations around is basically focused on through games and show them a lesson of the right one to do in funny way. In discussion session,  sharing session, cultural session , we  submit our objectives of the fair .Again to aware them about the laws and the women rights issues ,the theatre groups of our schools perform drama. They performed on domestic violence, child marriage, human rights. The tenor of  beliefs for gender roll and responsibility is changeable the society.

7. Information Fair

According to our annual plan ,We organized 2 information fair on International Information Day 2019 at 2 Sub district jointly in 2 district where the CSO members, UP ,sub district and district alliances with many Govt. and Non Govt. organizations were spontaneously contributed and gave their best affords to bring the success of the day. In 2 information fair , there were 14 govt. organizational stall and 9 non govt. organizational stall where they  gave information day long to the visitors.  With that the  two  Upazila administrational  head UNO, the UP  and Upazila Chairman were present in the discussion meeting and cultural programs with the others. They highly appreciated about the initiatives of the concept of observing the day through information fair. In their addressing speech they publicly gave commitment to the community to supply all types of information that has included in the specific written acts. They also appreciate the all WE CAN staffs of this area to organize such a beautiful fair in spite of  so much rough weather. Here in fair about 2000 people not less were present.

Orientation for marriage registrars and kazis at sub-district level on CMRA and DVA

The great achievement of the information fair is to revive the local people’s mind set up that Govt. department s are untouchable for us. This concept of being changed through the opportunity to sharing RTI enactment.

8. Orientation workshop of marriage registers

Organized:  Upazila Nagorik JOT, Iswardhi, Pabna.

In this reporting period, 2 orientation workshop of marriage registers has been accomplished at Pabna & Sirajgonj. Total Participents are 48 (female 5, male 42). The UNO ,Social welfare Officer ,Women affairs Officer, Upazila Chairman , Vice Chairman, area’s kazi , Imams, marriage registers  ( muslim  and hindu) and hindu Purohits are present there. They all discuss about the problems ,give their views and suggestions and try to find the way out. They all agreed that  early marriage is harmful for our society . It can ruin a girl’s life and it is the most violation of human rights that’s result is unseen from the beginning. Lastly they all made an open commitment that all will be conscious to prevent Early marriage and they will never do such a wrongful deeds that could help or occur Early Marriage. They will not commit illegal marriage.

9. Orientation for female police officers at district level on CMRA and DVA

As per our annual plan, we organized 1orientation for female police on CMRA and DVA at the conference room of police super in Pabna. They have listen about the law, but now they have learnt in details. As a women, they feel a responsibility to the other victimize women from their stands to help with their knowledge. They also share the acute obstacles they always face as a female personnel. It determines that the form may be changed, but the violation of human rights is silently flowing through our society. We need to identify those new facts to resolve the violation in a real sense and express the necessity to work collectively. The honorable Police Super emphasis on the necessity of  orientation for female Police members to reduce the torture against women. Another one orientation is in pending for the lack of cooperation of Police in Sirajgonj.