Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN)

Participation in Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) 2020, Malaysia

World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) was invited to participate in a training workshop in Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur at the University of Nottingham KL Teaching Centre from 2-3 March 2020, with the March 1 and 5 as travel days. The event was convened in collaboration with faculty at the University of Nottingham Malaysian campus and Universiti Sains Malaysia. As part of WE CAN M M Jamilur Rahman was participated in the workshop. The objective was to build capacity on the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) 2020 monitoring methodology. We had a chance for hands-on practice and discussion on the coding and data capture instruments. We had also a chance to discuss progress in the implementation of the media recommendations (Section J) of the Beijing Platform for Action for the Advancement of Women (BPfA) 25 years since its adoption in 1995.

The GMMP is a worldwide media monitoring, research and advocacy project implemented collaboratively with women’s rights organizations, grassroots groups, media associations, faith-based / interfaith organizations, university students and researchers across the world. The GMMP maintains the spotlight on gender inequalities perpetuated in and through the news media, and the demands for change. It updates the data for use in sensitizing new generations of journalists, creating awareness in media consumers, and for media policy and practice change advocacy.

In 2020 the 6th GMMP will generate new statistics to track change in media gender equality indicators, and at the same time, contribute data to measure performance in efforts to end all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere (SDG Target 5.1), responding specifically to the need for robust measurement of country performance on establishment of legal frameworks to promote, enforce and monitor equality and non-discrimination on the basis of sex (Indicator 5.1.1). GMMP 2020 will update the evidence, identify persistent and emerging gaps, develop global, regional and national plans of actions on the basis of the evidence, and support implementation of the plans of action following the media monitoring.

The GMMP network's membership spans over 100 countries in every continent across the world. The network includes gender and communication groups, women’s media associations, women’s grassroots groups and researchers in academia. WE CAN has chance in this year to coordinate media monitoring of Bangladesh.