Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN)

People of the community presented drama on the occasion of Women’s Day 

The community people from Adbaria, Madhobpur, Kashipur, Lokkhipasha (Patuakhali), Koil, Debkhando, Nolghoria, Khanpur (Bogura), Bodorpur, Banglamuri, Jampur and Noapur (Cumilla) staged 12 numbers of dramas on the occasion of Women’s Day. The subject of all drama was related to ‘Violence against Women’ issues. The people chose the stories according the subject by discussing with each other. It was a remarkable and exciting experience for them.

This is the first time the women from these communities developed stories, formed script and played the characters in front of thousand audience.

The people who played the drama was the members of the community leader group, community activist group and family prevention group under the CGBV project of WE CAN. They gained the positive spirit and courage to do this after attending a number of sessions provided by WE CAN. Now they can believe, they can do good deeds if they want to do.

An adult woman named Helena from one of the villages of Bogura felt an incredible change in her which is possible to join with Family prevention group conducted by WE CAN. She realized that bad mouthing and ill behavior cannot bring happiness in family life. If every community members can understand this, changes are bound to come.

Date: 10 March—31 March 2022

Places: Adabaria Union Parishad (Patuakhali), Dharmopur School and College (Cumilla) and Talora Union Parishad (Bogura)