Shokhi Project

(Narir’ Shastho, Odhikar o Icchapuron) [ Project on Women’s Health, Rights, and Choices ]

Key Activities Health and Legal Services/ Awareness raising on Health and Legal Rights (in particular rights of women in the family and workplace); Referrals to Existing Services/ Community Mobilisation/ formation of Self Help Groups/ Advocacy at local and national level.

Working areas: 15 slums in the Mirpur, Mohammadpur and Mohakhali areas of Dhaka City,Bangladesh. In Mohakhali, the project will work in the FDC Bosti, Rasulbag and Begunbari areas. In Mirpur, the project will be implemented in Bauniabad, Bhashantek and Alobdi Gram in Doari Para. In Mohammadpur, the project will work in Nobodoy Housing Bosti,Dhaka Uddan and Chand Uddan areas.

Beneficiaries: 5,02,770 individuals in the target slum areas The project will focus especially on working women, who make up 33% of the total slum population.

Protecting Human Rights (PHR):  To reduce the high prevalence of domestic violence (DV) and other related Human Rights (HR) violations in Bangladesh a program named “Protecting Human Rights (PHR)” funded by USAID. The program is being implemented in 102 unions under eight upazilas of six districts in Bangladesh.

Objectives of PHR

  1. To build linkages with beneficiaries of PHR with the excising structure of WE CAN.
  2. To strengthen the joint action of PHR and WE CAN to prevent domestic violations.

Creating Spaces to Take Action on Violence against Women and Girls project

(Creating Spaces), funded by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) aims to reduce violence against women and girls (VAWG) and reduce the prevalence of child, early and forced marriage (CEFM). The project will be implemented in six countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and Philippines.

The overall project framework revolves around three pillars:

  1. Pillar 1: Engaging key community actors to support and promote positive gender norms.
  2. Pillar 2: Supporting women and girls who have experienced violence.
  3. Pillar 3: Building knowledge and capacity of institutions and alliances to influence change.

Project Objective:

  • Strengthened engagement of key religious, community, private sector and political actors and youth in advancing women’s leadership, women’s rights and in reducing violence against women and girls.
  • Greater access to support services and economic opportunities for women and girls affected by violence and early and forced marriage.
  • Increased use of innovative knowledge, including best and emerging practice, and accountability systems to end violence against women and girls.

HER Respect

“To promotes positive gender relations in the workplace and family through skill-building, awareness-raising, and policy development" implementing a project title”HER respect funded by Business for Social Responsibility(BSR) with working women at factories in Savar.


Amrai Pari(WE CAN) is a countrywide Program in Bangladesh aimed for attitudinal change against violence against women. It aspires to unite men and women into an organized mass movement to transform existing power relations in society. The idea of Amrai Pari (WE CAN) is to break the silence, denial, shame and stigma surrounding the issue of domestic violence and other violence against women and bring it into the public domain, consciousness and accountability. The Program was initiated in 2004 as part of a South Asian regional campaign with the objective to challenge and change deeply entrenched patriarchal societal attitudes and practices that endorse gender discrimination and violence. After completing its 6 (Six) years as a campaign; Amrai Pari Jote (WE CAN) is now an independent registered Organization which is managed by the National Committee and 41 District Committees. Since 2011, Amrai Pari (WE CAN), Bangladesh has been registered under Department of Social Welfare, Government of Bangladesh. At present, 200 Educational Institutions, 150 Youth Clubs and 450 organizations are involved with Amrai Pari (WE CAN) . Amrai Pari (WE CAN) has mobilized more than 10,50323 (1 million) of Change Makers so far (according to database).


Goal: Reduce violence against women for a better and healthy life of women


  • To increase awareness among community people to combat all type of violence against women through involvement of influential person
  • To challenge social norms and stereotype attitude and speak out on violence against women
  • To develop some role model who work against VAW


Project Goal

To reduce the rate of child marriage and Child pregnancy in Bangladesh and will continue up to December 2015. The project mainly emphasizes on increasing awareness on negative impacts of child marriage and child pregnancy.


Awareness rising of the school going and out-school Children and adolescents on the issue of child marriage and child pregnancy.